Juggling and Unicycling

One of my favorite hobbies/pastimes/obsessions is juggling. From this page you can find out a little about myself, when I started juggling, and what I like to juggle.

Juggling History

Here's my personal juggling history. A little background on how I got interested in juggling and how long I have been juggling.

In the media. A few articles in local papers I have been in.

This is info on the Urbana Adult Education Juggling Class I have taught.

Juggling Props

Here is a list of what I like to juggle and some of the tricks I am working on.

Here is a list of the props I currently own. You'll usually find an assortment of these anytime you look into my juggling bag.

And when I'm not juggling I can be seen watching or reading some of the books or videos I own.


Some of the unicycles and other things I like to ride.


Here are some of the photos I have taken at different festivals and shows over the years.

Other Juggling Pages

Here is a list of other things I have done or written up on juggling:

Other Juggling links

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