Michael Moschen "Alive From Off Center"

The following is the contents of the "Alive From Off Center" PBS special with Michael Moschen. I do not have a full tape of that show, just the portions with Michael Moschen in them. So all I have listed are the routines that he performs and how long they are (minutes:seconds).

Note: If you are interested in getting a copy of this I would suggest you contact your local PBS station and ask them if you could get a copy of the show.

01:25 Intro
  Various clips of his routines
01:45 Fire
  Torch Swinging
04:10 Light
  Single crystal ball contact juggling.
09:25 Sticks
  05:00 Single stick
  02:15 Two sticks
  02:10 Triangle frame

Video index done by James J. Barlow.