Game Odd's 'n' Ends

Here are a few helpful suggestions, ideas, etc. for gaming or taking care of your games.

Storing cards
I first saw another gamer who used this method when storing cards in game boxes. Many times game boxes do not contain any tray to place game parts and cards, or the trays are not very well made for the parts. So to prevent cards from getting mixed up or damaged in a box you can do the following. From a peice of scratch paper cut a strip around an inch wide and long enough to wrap around the deck of cards once with a little overlap. Once cut out, wrap the paper around the cards to form a band and then tape it. This is much better than a rubber band because it will not deteriorate like a rubber band, or damage the cards.

Storing game parts
I am always amazed at how much money can go into a game box (art & design, size, etc.) and little thought to storing the components. So I decided to get some of the smaller, different sized ziplock bags to store them. This was a bit more difficult than I thought trying to find them locally, so I came across the company Widget Supply that has quite a few different sizes at very reasonable prices. I have found the best sizes to be 3x3 inches and 4x4 inches. The 2x3 inch bags do fit well into alot of box trays, but sometimes the bag opening just seems a bit small.