The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for October 27th, 2000

This was the first Barlow Board Game Bash and a great time was had by all. Justin and Brian brought along a great selection of games from their enormous collections (thanks guys). However, there were many people who were not familiar with many of the games and stuck to classics they had played before (Settlers and Bohnanza). I think as we have more of these we will see alot of people wanting to try out new games. We had eighteen people show up and the gaming went well past midnight.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Justin & Laura Berman, Matt & Jamie Elliott, Brian Keenan, Mark Kennerly, Steve Parvin, Brian Pierce, Jason Smith, Marty Stambaugh, Mike Wendling, Jim Wilcoski, Steve & Laura Wilson, Muncher Woods, Aaron Yant.

Games played:

Settlers Of Catan
Matt Elliott, Jamie Elliott, Muncher Woods, Jason Smith
Matt and Jamie wanted to jump into a game of Settlers so we grabbed Muncher and Jason to join them. Jamie pretty much took control from the beginning of the game and ended up trouncing the others (they only had 5 or less points at the end). A quick game where everyone but Jamie was glad to get it over.

Marty Stambaugh, Steve Parvin, Mark Kennerly, Aaron Yant, Brian Pierce
Quite a few people wanted to get a game of Bohnanza going (or, as most of them know it by "The Bean Game"). So they pulled together a 5 person game with a couple of people who had never played it before (Mark and Brian).

Jim Barlow, Sue Barlow, Laura Berman, Mike Wendling
First time playing this for everyone but Laura. However, Jim was to the left of Laura and there were two or three times at the beginning of the game where she laid tiles and Jim, or another player just after him, were able to take advantage of what she placed and capture a piece (the ol' Boxes Syndrome). Mike seemed to pretty much keep to one of the islands at the beginning of the game as Sue, Laura and Jim were congregating in the middle of the board. Sue just about captured all three pieces from the triple land tile, but Mike made a good move to secure one of them. Mike ended up winning the game with a majority in Buddhas (only 4) and had 7 other pieces. Sue came in second with majority in High Helmets and 5 others, and Jim came in third with a majority in Rice Fields and 4 others.

Settlers Of Catan
Matt Elliott, Jamie Elliott, Muncher Woods, Jason Smith
After the first game the rest of the crowd seemed to be in the middle of other games so they went for another round of Settlers. This one, unlike the first game seemed to go on forever. Things seemed to be pretty balanced and everone was pretty close toward the end. Muncher didn't think he had much of a chance and then his resources took off and ended up pulling off the win.

Jim Barlow, Sue Barlow, Laura Berman, Mike Wendling
Another first time game for everyone excluding Laura. Right off the bat Jim was delt three lots in the same building near each other on the first round, and then got two more in the building on the second round. Jim had a 4 tile business ready to lay and decided to wait a round to see if he could get a 5 or 6 tile combination for that building. That move may have cost him the game. Both Sue and Laura were able to get a 6 business tile combo and get them on the board by the 4th round. Mike ended being the toughest negotiator and was stuck with a 5 business tile combo that he could not lay anywhere because he did not have enough lots together. A very good negotiation game which ended with Laura winning with $114,000, Sue and Jim tied with $104,000 and Mike had $91,000.

Justin Berman, Brian Keenan, Steve Wilson, Laura Wilson
Justin and Brian had helped a few of the groups get their games going by explaining rules and had been sitting around not doing too much. So when Steve and Laura got there and looked over the games they chose a game of Elfenland.

Mama Mia!
Matt Elliott, Jamie Elliott, Jason Smith, Steve Parvin
After the Bohnanza and second Settlers games were over a few of them pooled together to give a go at Mamma Mia! Matt was the only one who had played before and Muncher ended up helping out from the sidelines. Matt ended up pulling off the win with the most orders filled. He filled all his orders but two the first round (experience really helped him there).

Call My Bluff!
Justin Berman, Brian Keenan, Mark Kennerly, Marty Stambaugh
Call my Bluff is bluffing game using dice. Players roll their six-sided dice. Then, in clockwise turn-order players either out bid the previous player (e.g. I think there are five 4's) or challenge the previous bidder. The looser of the challenge always loses dice and in some cases all the players other than the winner lose dice. Loose all your dice and you are eliminated from the game. In our short game, Marty took a three dice loss early on and was eliminated. The game was close but in the end Brian won.

Apples To Apples
Marty Stambaugh, Justin Berman, Brian Keenan, Mark Kennerly, Mike Wendling, Steve Parvin, Jim Barlow
We ended the night with a game of Apples to Apples. Always a great closer where people can join in as other games are finishing. Mike and I jumped into the game after the others had gone through a few rounds already. Everyone was having a great time with quite a few good combinations. We played till everyone had no cards left and that made for some very interesting rounds at the very end.