Game summaries for March 28, 2008

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, JJ Barlow, John Barlow, Jacob Barlow, Jon & Rose Bruer, Brian & Ruthie Counter, Mike (Dop) & Jeannette Dopheide, Caleb King, Phil Parker, Kathleen & Paul Ricker, John Washington

Games played:

Ticket To Ride
Jon, Rose, Phil, John W.

Brian, Ruthie, JJ, Caleb, Jacob
Caleb won.

Thurn and Taxis - Power and Glory
Dop, Jeannette, Sue, Jim
Jim won.

Brian, Ruthie, Caleb, Kathleen, Paul

Sue, Jeannette, Jacob
Sue won.

Bang - Dodge City
JJ, Jim, John W., Dop, Caleb
John W. (sheriff) won.