Game summaries for March 29, 2002

Another typical gathering for the second BBGB of the year.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Justin & Laura Berman, Mike Davis, Bo Davis, Maggie Davis, Matt & Jamie Elliott, Tony Foreman, Brent Metcalf, Steve Parvin, Muncher Woods

Games played:

Call My Bluff
Justin, Muncher, Brent, Steve, Matt, Jim
Justin won.

Call My Bluff
Justin, Muncher, Brent, Steve, Jim
Justin won again.

Tony, Mike, Bo, Maggie
Tony and bo tied.

Sue, Laura, Matt, Jamie, Bo
Matt won.

Get The Goods
Steve, Justin, Muncher, Jim
Jim won.

Wyatt Earp
Tony, Mike, Maggie
Mike and Maggie tied.

Lost Cities
Tony, Maggie
Tony won.

Robo Rally
Matt, Jamie, Maggie/Tony, Muncher, Steve, Jim
Tony won by one space on the last move over Jim.

Atlantic Star
Mike, Bo, Justin, Laura, Sue, Tony
Justin won.