The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for October 26, 2001

We had 15 people show up for this month's BBGB.

Attended by: Kazi Anwar, Jim & Sue Barlow, Jim Basney, Mike Davis, Bo Davis, Geoff Dewan, Tony Foreman, Mark & Ann Kirkland, Brent Metcalf, Steve Parvin, Jason Smith, Mike Wendling, Muncher Woods

Games played:

Seafarers Of Catan
Mark, Ann, Mike W., Jason, Geoff

Ohne Furcht Und Adel
Mike D., Bo, Kazi, Jim Bas., Tony, Steve

Mamma Mia!
Brent, Muncher, Jim Bar., Sue
Jim won this one.

Corporate Shuffle
Brent, Muncher, Jim Bar., Sue, Steve

Tigris & Euphrates
Mike D., Tony, Kazi, Jim Bas.

Bo, Brent, Steve, Jim
Bo was able to get the win.

Bo, Brent, Steve, Jim
Brent cleaned house on us all. This seems to be one of his games.

Can't Stop
Tony, Brent, Steve, Jim Bar.
Brent was able to finish this one off.

Tony, Brent, Steve, Jim Bar.
Steve was able to inch us all out.