The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for June 22, 2001

We had 18 people show up for this month's BBGB, and had a few new faces.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Geoff Dewan, Matt Elkins, Matt & Jamie Elliott, Tony Foreman, Phil Gramly, Patrick, Brent Metcalf, Stuart, Steve Parvin, Jason Smith, Marty Stambaugh, Steve & Laura Wilson, Muncher & Randa Woods

Games played:

Can't Stop
Tony, Muncher, Jason, Jim
All four of us managed to get to the top of two columns each with only the 2, 5, and 12 remaining. At that point the end game problem of rolling, and rolling and rolling for a valid combination came into play. Jim and Tony rolled a 5,5 combo but was only one space away and couldn't move. Jim finally rolled a 5,12 combo and ended the game.

Brent, Steve P., Marty, Laura, Patrick, Phil
This was one long game of Elfenland. WIth six players and quite a few first timers it took a while to get through all 4 rounds. Brent prevailed in the end with the win, even though he was getting really bored having to wait between players.

Take It Easy
Tony, Jason, Muncher, Randa, Geoff, Jim, Matt
Played one round and Geoff won then Matt joined us for a second round. Randa won the second round.

Family Business
Jason, Matt, Stuart, Tony, Geoff, Jim
Nice cutthroat game where you try to knock other rival mafia members off. Jim was able to hang in the longest and win the game.

Matt, Jamie, Sue

Matt, Jamie, Sue
Only played on epic and then decided to join other players in some different games.

Tony, Geoff, Phil, Patrick
Pretty quick game with four players. Geoff was able to get the win.

Matt, Jamie, Sue, Jim
One of the really good negotiation games. Jim jumped out ahead early on and Sue was really catching up toward the end, but Jim was able to get enough money in the end for the win.

Catch Phrase
Brent, Jason, Muncher, Randa, Matt, Marty, Stuart, Laura, Steve P.
Most of the Elfenland players just needed a loud game to play after the Elfenland marathon.

Wyatt Earp
Stuart, Tony, Brent, Jim
Four player round 'em up game of Wyatt Earp. Tony was albe to get the most rewards and was able to win the game.