The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for May 25, 2001

We had 17 people show up for this month's BBGB. Had quite a few new faces show up again for this bash.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Geoff Dewan, Mark Dewing, Matt Elkins, Tony Foreman, Bill Glick, Chuck & Maryann Hawksworth, Doug Hawksworth, Brent Metcalf, Steve Parvin, Adam Poetzl, Jason Smith, Mike Verde, Mike Wendling, Muncher Woods

Games played:

Fill Or Bust
Sue, Brent, Chuck, Maryann
Quick filler game to get things started and wait for other gamers to arrive. Played to 5000 and Chuck won.

Aladdin's Dragons
Mike V., Steve, Doug, Tony
Started a four player game since five can get a little frustrating at times. Mike ended up with 8 artifacts in the end and everyone else had 5 or 6.

Settlers Of Catan
Muncher, Jason, Matt
A real quick three player game where Matt was finally able to win one.

Mike W., Geoff, Mark, Adam, Bill
Pretty low scoring game. Played with the traditional rules. Bill was able to get the most points in the end and win.

Sue, Jim, Brent, Chuck, Maryann
Tight game down till the end and Jim was able to get ahead for the win.

Mike W., Geoff, Mark, Adam, Bill
The same group immediatley played a rematch and Geoff was able to win this one.

Mike V., Steve, Jim, Tony
Jim replaced Doug from the Aladdin's Dragons game and the group played a game of Elfenland. Everyone was pretty even going into the final round. No one placed a log in any of the rounds and Steve was able to get the win with 19 tokens and ended in his home city.

Muncher, Doug, Matt, Jason
They made this a quick game with two boards and two flags. Muncher was able to pull of the win and Doug was only two moves behind him.

Sue, Brent, Chuck, Maryann
Chuck just wasn't able to call teh tricks in this game and barely ended up in the positives. Sue took the commanding lead and was able to win pretty easily.

Chuck, Muncher, Jason, Geoff, Matt, Doug, Brent
There was a bit of interest from people watching the previous games of Rage that they jumped into another larger game. Geoff was able to hold out for the win.

Steve, Jim, Tony
The last late game of the evening. Leads were jumping back and forth most of the game, but Tony was able to jump ahead at the end by filling a few good jobs.