The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for April 27, 2001

We had 17 people show up for this month's BBGB. We again had quite a few new people show up who had not been to a BBGB yet. Still waiting for the night everybody makes it.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Justin & Laura Berman Geoff Dewan, Matt & Jamie Elliott, Tony Foreman, Dan & Violet Lapine, Brent Metcalf, Steve Parvin, Jason Smith, Mike Verde, Von Welch, Muncher & Randa Woods

Games played:

Settlers Of Catan
Geoff, Muncher, Jason, Steve
Guess this would be the "Frasca settlers" since they all work there. Steve was able to get the win in this one.

Von, Dan, Violet, Laura, Brent
Pretty long game for five players. Played with the three tile variant. Laura was able to get the most points in the end and win.

Tony, Justin, Mike, Jim
Very tight game and ended when Jim joined Tony and Justin's regions and Justin ran out of knights. When scoring it came down to Mike and Jim, who had a one point difference, and Mike won.

6 Nimmit! (Take 6)
Sue, Randa, Matt, Jamie
The last round it came down to Matt and Sue who had low scores. But Matt got zero points and Sue got 26, so Matt was able to get the win.

San Marco
Tony, Justin, Mike, Jim
Pretty close game through most of the rounds. Justin would get way behind and then catch up with a big score. Jim got stuck with bad limit cards one round and ended up having to sit out the final round, which pretty much put him out of winning. Came down to Tony and Mike for the win and Tony was able to pull ahead.

Muncher, Jason, Brent
Quick game with three players and Brent was the winner.

Sue, Randa, Matt
Pretty close game and all the scoring cards were taken. However, Matt was again able to hold onto the lead and win the game.

Von, Dan, Violet, Steve, Geoff
This one was a long game. They played with 4 flags and Geoff was finally able to get away from everyone and get the final flag.

Drahtseilakt (Tightrope)
Tony, Justin, Mike, Brent, Jim
Game with tough choices. There's always the point where you are wondering if you played the right card. Played three rounds and Jim was able to win by only getting a score of 1, 1 and 2 (4 total).

Weittstreit Der Baumeister
Sue, Laura, Matt, Jamie
Sue was raking in the money with the die rolls and was able to purchase lots of buildings. In the end Sue was able to win even though she did not have a completed castle, she just had lots of buldings with good scores.

Tony, Brent, Jim
First time playing for Tony, so he was getting used to the block placements and the scoring. Pretty close after the first round and Jim started getting a larger lead the second round and was able to hold out for the win.

Geoff, Tony, Brent, Jim
Last game of the night and it went down to the bonus scoring card (all 5 & 6's score $1000) which gave Tony the added money needed to win. I think he was only $2K over Geoff and $5K over Jim.