The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for March 30, 2001

We had 17 people show up for this month's BBGB (the smallest crowd so far, but still a good number to game with :). Had quite a few new people show up who had not been to a BBGB yet. It was another late night of gaming.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Justin & Laura Berman Matt & Jamie Elliott, Tony Foreman, Jeff & Jennifer Fryer, Phil & Ramona Gramly, Brent Metcalf, Jason Smith, Ed Wilcoski, Muncher & Randa Woods, Ryan

Games played:

For Sale
Justin, Tony, Jim, Muncher, Jason
Quick game of For Sale as we waited for other people to arrive.

Robo Rally
Justin, Tony, Ed, Ryan, Phillip, Muncher, Jason
Nice 7 player game that really got crowded at the beginning. It took quite a while to get the first flag, and there were lots of players having to shut down to get rid of damage. Ed and Ryan finally broke free and Ryan was able to hold out for the win.

6 Nimmit! (Take 6)
Sue, Randa, Jeff, Jenny, Ramona
Pretty low scoring most of the way through the game. But the last round a couple people toppled over 66 and Jeff was able to keep the points down for the win.

Matt, Jamie, Laura, Jim
Pretty competitive game of Torres. Laura jumped out to a quick lead and was able to hold on to it till the end. The only way we could have prevented Laura from getting the win was to prevent her from getting the king's bonus on the last round, however she was able to secure the bonus on her second to last turn.

Sue, Randa, Jeff, Jenny, Ramona
Mostly new people playing this game and I think there were a few trading rounds that went a bit too long. Otherwise a fun game and Jenny had the most cash for the win.

Matt, Jamie, Laura, Jim
Pretty even throughout the game, except for Jim who was pretty far behind. He was going for the farmers and he ended up jumping ahead of everyone for the win during the last scoring round.

Time Pirates
Justin, Tony, Ed, Ryan, Phillip/Brent
Only played two weeks rather than three because it was getting late. Some people wanted to leave and others, who were not playing, wanted to jump into a different game.

Auf Achse das Kartenspiel
Tony, Jim, Brent
Jim had the lead through most of the game until Tony was able to play his high cards and end the last round early to jump ahead for the win.