The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for February 23, 2001

On our third board game bash and we had two fewer people from our last time and ended up having 21 people show up. Quite a few people were not able to make it at the last minute, so I am still waiting for the day when we'll break the 30 mark. We played lots of games and gaming went on past 2am.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Matt & Jamie Elliott, Tessa Escalada, Amanda Fischer, Tony Foreman, Darlene Kulpa, Sarah Marsh, Steve Parvin, Amy Sebens, Jason Smith, Marty Stambaugh, Jim Wilcoski, Steve & Laura Wilson, Muncher & Randa Woods, Aaron Yant, Arnoud, Louisa.

Games played:

Seafarers Of Catan
Matt & Jamie Elliott, Tony Foreman, Laura Wilson, Arnoud, Louisa
One of the first games of the evening was a 6 player game of Seafarers which Matt brought. Laura was able to keep the longest road and wind up with the win.

Lord of the Rings
Steve Parvin, Jason Smith, Steve Wilson, Muncher Woods
Never even got to Mordor before they were all consumed by Sauron. Started Sauron on 13.

Mamma Mia!
Marty Stambaugh, Amy Sebens, Sarah Marsh, Aaron Yant, Darlene Kulpa
First game for everyone except Marty and Sarah. However, Darlene really learned quickly and ended up tying in the end with Marty.

Mamma Mia!
Marty Stambaugh, Amy Sebens, Sarah Marsh, Aaron Yant, Darlene Kulpa
A quick game to finish and the group decided to go ahead and play it again.

6 Nimmit! (Take 6)
Sue Barlow, Amanda Fischer, Tessa Escalada, Jim Wilcoski
Always a frustrating game since it it so hard to choose just the right card in this game. Sue started off with a couple low hands the first two rounds, but it was Jim who was able to keep from getting points in the end to get the win.

Lord of the Rings
Steve Parvin, Jason Smith, Steve Wilson, Muncher Woods, Jim Barlow
Jumped right into another game after the last disaster. Pretty much walked right through Moria and had a bit of trouble in Helm's Deep. During the Shelob's Lair scenario we started getting pummled with event tiles and Sauron just started marching toward all our little hobbits. Finally got to Mordor and had to start sacraficing hobbits. Eventually only Sam was left and could not get to the end without dying. Started Sauron on 15.

Apples To Apples
Sue Barlow, Darlene Kulpa, Amy Sebens, Marty Stamabugh, Sarah Marsh, Aaron Yant
Remnents of the Take 6 and Mamma Mia! games pulled together for a game of AtA.

Lord of the Rings
Steve Parvin, Jason Smith, Muncher Woods
Well, they could not go home without winning this game. The third and last game was successful in destroying the ring. Started Sauron on 15.

6 Nimmit! (Take 6)
Sue Barlow, Aaron Yant, Sarah Marsh, Amy Sebens, Marty Stambaugh
Second game of Take 6 for the evening. Sue was able to prevail in the end by keeping the lowest score.

Robo Rally
Jim Barlow, Steve & Laura Wilson, Matt & Jamie Elliott, Tony Foreman
Had a 6 player game of RR, which is great number for a game with a little chaos. Set up a 2x2 grid for the boards with 4 flags. It took a long time before anyone got to the first flag. A few people were still fighting around the first flag as the rest went for the second. Tony got to the second flag first. It was getting late and two players had to leave after the second flag was reached. However, we decided to continue to the third flag and a new player (Steve Parvin) jumped in for one of the players leaving. Laura reached the third flag first, which then her and Steve had to leave. The last three of us (Tony, Steve Parvin, and myself) went ahead and finished all 4 flags. Tony won by a little bit (Jim was starting to catch up, but just not fast enough).