The Barlow Board Game Bash

Game summaries for January 26, 2001

Our second board game bash and we added another five people from our last time and ended up having 23 people show up. We played lots of games and gaming went on until 2:00am.

Attended by: Jim & Sue Barlow, Justin & Laura Bernam, Matt Elkins, Dan & Violet Lapine, Sarah Marsh, Brent Metcalf, Steve & Sara Parvin, Amy Sebens, Jason Smith, Marty Stambaugh, Mike Wendling, Ed Wilcoski, Steve & Laura Wilson, Muncher & Randa Woods, Aaron Yant, Arnoud, Louisa.

Games played:

Settlers Of Catan
Muncher & Randa Woods, Jason Smith, Marty Stambaugh, Dan & Violet Lapine
The first group of gamers started the night off with a game of Settlers. Dan had a copy of the 5-6 player expansion, so they started a six person game. The game was pretty crowded and there was not much road building/expansion going on. Lots of upgrading to cities. Randa ended up pulling off the win.

Steve & Laura Wilson, Ed Wilcoski, Arnoud, Louisa
I started these five off with a game of Cartegena. Easy to explain and didn't require a player with any experience once the rules were explained. Nobody ran away with this game and almost everyone had 4 or more pirates in the boat at the end.

Lord of the Rings
Brent Metcalf, Matt Elkins, Aaron Yant, Sarah Marsh, Steve Parvin
One of the first five player games with our gaming group. They pretty easily got through each scenario to dunk and destroy the ring. Started Sauron on 15.

Robo Rally
Justin & Laura Berman, Jim & Sue Barlow, Sara Parvin, Mike Wendling
First game for everyone but Justin & Laura, so we therefore had quite a few humps to get over. I think just about everyone but Justin and Laura got killed at least once. This took a little playing to get used to the fallout of moves. There was a bit of fustration for some of us as we did things we didn't quite realize would happen. Laura walked away with this game. She ended up getting to all three flags before any of us got to the second flag (Justin was close to the second flag and may have got it).

Steve & Laura Wilson, Ed Wilcoski, Arnoud, Louisa
This group started a game of Bohnanza once their game of Cartegena was over since everyone else was involved in games and none of them were going to end too soon.

Apples To Apples
Marty Stambaugh, Dan & Violet Lapine, Jason Smith, Sara Parvin, Muncher & Randa Woods
After the first round of games there were lots of people that wanted to play Apples to Apples. They ended up splitting into two groups to play. Both groups played quite a few rounds and had to start cycling through already played cards to have enough. One of the funniest plays of the evening I happened to overhear; Adjective: touchy-feely, Noun: Michael Jackson.

Apples To Apples
Mike Wendling, Aaron Yant, Sarah Marsh, Amy Sebens, Steve Parvin
Second group of AtA players.

Justin & Laura Berman, Brent Metcalf, Matt Elkins, Jim & Sue Barlow
Our group ended up playing two quick games of Guillotine. Sue won the first game and Justin won the second.

Matt Elkins, Brent Metcalf, Justin Berman, Ed Wilcoski, Laura Wilson
Brent was the only one who had played this game before, but ended up getting a few of the moves wrong. Players were only drawing one card rather than two and ended up with really sparse hands midway into the game.

Jumbo Grand Prix
Steve Parvin, Amy Sebens, Aaron Yant, Sarah Marsh, Jim Barlow
Quick game of JGP with everyone's first time but mine. I forgot to mention to keep the remaining four cards after the first round (race) and everyone threw them into the discard pile. But got that straightened out for the rest of the rounds. Had four races and Jim pulled ahead of everyone for the win.

Lord of the Rings
Brent Metcalf, Mike Wendling, Steve & Laura Wilson
Lord of the Rings
Matt Elkins, Ed Wilcoski, Jim Barlow
Last two games of the evening were games of Lord of the Rings. We had a four player game and a three player game. Both games went at about the same pace and the ring was destroyed in both games. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game but thought it was a bit easy. So looks like we need to be starting Sauron a little closer for future games.

Funniest play of the game:
Ed, Matt and I were getting toward the end of Mordor and were getting hammered by event tiles so we decied to play Gollum and use the Ring to try and end it. I was the ringbearer and ended up having to roll the die twice before we reached the end. The first time it moved me forward two spaces and the second roll made me discard two cards. However, when I played Gollum it was my last card. So when I had to discard two cards I lookd at Ed and Matt and said "We lost". I forgot about that die possibility. Ed then said "Hey can't Gandalf do something?" and Matt and I said "Duh!!". We then summoned Gandalf so that I could draw 4 cards won the game.